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scales of justice

Justices Deny Multiple-Trigger Theory for Non-Asbestos Liability

By Lizzy McLellan |

The state Supreme Court has placed a limit on the multiple-trigger theory of liability insurance coverage through a recent decision on the liability of a plumbing company's insurer.

Commonwealth Court OKs Taking of 'Pristine' Land

By Max Mitchell |

A public electricity distribution company can construct a transmission line over a portion of the Susquehanna River, the Commonwealth Court has ruled, despite one judge saying that the environmental impact on the "pristine" landscape had not been properly considered.

Pa. Justices Take on Noncompete Agreement Case

By Lizzy McLellan |

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has agreed to hear arguments in a first-impression case that defined employers' obligations to an employee signing a noncompete agreement.


Midsized Firms Saw Splits and Out-of-State Entries to Market

By Max Mitchell |

The passing year began with a flurry of changes for small and midsized firms across the state, with leadership transitions, group laterals, additions and splits continuing throughout the year.

Traffic Court

One Traffic Ct. Judge's Case Ends as JCB Charges Another

By P.J. D'Annunzio |

The state Supreme Court has accepted the Judicial Conduct Board's handling of a disciplinary matter concerning a Philadelphia Traffic Court judge's alleged refusal to answer interview questions in the wake of the Traffic Court ticket-fixing scandal.