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Federal Courts Can Invalidate Prior Judgment Execution Orders

By Jeff Mordock |

Federal courts may amend execution orders based on new facts or evidence, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit has ruled. The appellate court's decision affirmed a U.S. District Court for the District of Delaware opinion invalidating an execution order after a defendant eventually paid off the judgment awarded during a trial.

Silent Threats Most Concerning, Court Security Experts Say

By Jeff Mordock |

The most serious threats to judges come from disappointed litigants who don't openly air their unhappiness, as was illustrated recently when federal agents alleged insurance executive Jeffrey B. Cohen silently amassed a cache of weapons with Delaware Court of Chancery Vice Chancellor J. Travis Laster as his target.

Chancery Rules Power of Attorney Begins at Inception, Not Incapacity

By Jeff Mordock |

Individuals assume power of attorney once they execute such an agreement and not when the person they are acting as an agent for becomes incapacitated, the Delaware Court of Chancery has ruled.


Chancery Dismisses 13-Year-Old Suit Against New Castle County

By Jeff Mordock |

The Delaware Court of Chancery has dismissed a lawsuit begun 13 years ago by a real estate developer against New Castle County over sewer construction in a residential neighborhood after the parties filed competing motions to abandon or rescind a settlement reached seven years ago but never entered into the court record.