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Monsanto world headquarters complex in St. Louis, Mo.

Roundup Cancer Case Against Monsanto to Remain in Delaware

By Tom McParland |

Three non-Delaware residents who allege that exposure to the Monsanto Co.'s Roundup pesticide caused their cancer will have their personal injury suit continue in Delaware Superior Court, after Judge Vivian L. Medinilla this week denied the agrochemical giant's bid to dismiss the suit on forum non conveniens grounds.

Jury Levies $3M Verdict Against Apple for Infringement in Case Over iPhone Feature

By Tom McParland |

A federal jury in Delaware handed down a $3 million verdict against Apple Inc. on Wednesday, finding the technology giant infringed on a ring-silencing patent with technology it incorporated into earlier versions of the iPhone.

Court Tosses Challenge to Del. Unclaimed Property Collection

By Tom McParland |

A Delaware federal judge has dismissed a challenge to the state's controversial system for collecting unclaimed property, finding that, though the case was ripe for review, the plaintiffs could not state a claim that the scheme was pre-empted by federal common law or that it ran afoul of Fourth Amendment protections.

GlaxoSmithKline headquaters.

Judge Blocks GSK's Motion to Dismiss Paxil Injury Cases

By Tom McParland |

The Delaware Superior Court has rejected GlaxoSmithKline's initial attempt to dismiss four personal injury suits involving its antidepressant drug Paxil, finding that litigating the case in Delaware would not cause "overwhelming hardship" for the Philadelphia-based pharmaceutical company.