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Supreme Court Affirms Dismissal of AstraZeneca Class Action

By Tom McParland |

The Delaware Supreme Court last week upheld the dismissal of a 12-year-old class action accusing AstraZeneca of consumer fraud, saying the group of third-party payor health insurers could not claim injury under applicable state laws.

Halliburton, Baker Hughes Push for Venue Change in Antitrust Suit

By Tom McParland |

Halliburton and Baker Hughes, the targets of a U.S. Department of Justice antitrust lawsuit filed in Delaware federal court, are trying to have the case transferred to the Southern District of Texas, arguing that a lack of connection to the First State and public interest support a change in venue.

Public Defenders Reply in Death-Penalty Case

By Tom McParland |

Public defenders arguing the unconstitutionality of Delaware's death-penalty statute pushed back Monday against the Department of Justice's argument in favor of its validity, calling its understanding of a controlling U.S. Supreme Court decision "faulty and incomplete."

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Supreme Court Hears Arguments in Suit Alleging Medical Negligence

By Tom McParland |

The attorney for a man injured in a bizarre snowball fight accident on Wednesday argued before a three-justice panel of the Delaware Supreme Court that testimony regarding his client's marijuana use in a medical malpractice suit went beyond its permitted purpose and prejudiced the jury that ruled against him.